Gordon B. Peters Percussion Chamber Music Library
For Marimba Ensemble

Gordon B. Peters
Gordon B. Peters
Chicago Symphony Orchestra (1959 – 2001)
PAS President (1964 – 1967)
PAS Hall of Fame (2004)

Welcome to the Gordon B. Peters Chamber Music Library, administered through the Center for Mallet Percussion Research at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.

Gordon Peters has provided a library of music for percussionists that will promote the subtleties of musicianship: structures, phrasing, expression, ensemble, balances, interaction with colleagues (without a conductor!).  This music will teach you how to listen...and what to listen for.

His transcriptions are sourced from symphony orchestra, band, opera, ballet, piano, and string chamber music.

The purpose of this library is to provide a chamber music experience akin to other families of instruments.  All of these compositions are of high musical quality and have lived on through the ages.  They are very “listenable” and fun to play.

This catalog represents over 180 titles that Gordon Peters has arranged, and are currently available.

The works in the catalog have been priced according to duration and difficulty.  Gordon Peters is most interested in this music reaching students, and the pricing reflects this goal.  All transcriptions have been converted to high-quality digital files.

Percussion and conducting have been the life’s work of Gordon B. Peters. This Chamber Music Library for Marimba Ensemble is to be his contribution to the percussion profession. It is his chosen legacy. Enjoy!

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