Alumni Courses

Lifelong Learning at KU

Kutztown University now offers free courses for all alumni of the university. Different classes will be offered each semester on a variety of topics and alumni are welcome to take one or both courses.

These classes are 100% online and will appear on your transcript; however, they may not be used toward a degree program at Kutztown University. Classes are graded on a Pass/Not Pass basis. These classes do not count toward any Act 48 credits.






Successful Wealth Accumulation and Retirement Planning


This course will introduce participants to the knowledge and skills to allow for effectively building wealth for retirement using efficient tax and investment strategies.  In addition, the course will discuss how to provide adequate cash flow in later years to obtain a successful retirement.  Other general financial planning issues related to retirement will also be covered. No experience or prior knowledge is necessary.

Art and Science


This course explores the interconnected nature of science and art, starting with the ancient world and moving to the present day. Special emphasis will be placed on the ways in which science and art intertwined throughout history. Some concepts to be explored include how artists and scientists visualized the world through art, how art was used as a tool in scientific discovery, and contemporary issues with art and science such as digital visualization and artistic conservation.

Introduction to Bagpipes and the Physics of Sound


 This course is an introduction to the Great Highland Bagpipe. Basic instrument instruction using a practice chanter is complemented with an overview of the physics of sound. The goal of the course is to teach Scottish piping techniques through practical applications using the practice chanter


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