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Lifelong Learning at KU

Kutztown University now offers free courses for all alumni of the university. Different classes will be offered each semester on a variety of topics and alumni are welcome to take one or both courses.

These classes are 100% online and will appear on your transcript; however, they may not be used toward a degree program at Kutztown University. Classes are graded on a Pass/Not Pass basis. These classes do not count toward any Act 48 credits.


ART AND SCIENCE (Prof. Tim Betz -

Using material culture as a focal point, students will learn about the ways in which art has been used as a tool for scientific inquiry, to both support scientific research and for aims such as colonialism and profit.  Focus will be given to art used for practical purposes, meaning that a large amount of art to be explored and analyzed is outside of the traditional canon of art history.




This course is especially useful to anyone knowledgeable in the frustrations of trying to initiate or manage a large business project.  Bad project management decisions can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars. A great project manager can ensure the success of a project through proper planning and constant maintenance of the schedule and tracking of costs.  Great project management is essential for the efficient use of resources, and the effectiveness of the overall business or organization.  Given the large number of business projects being managed at area employers, this course will fulfill a need to help those projects run more smoothly.  


THE VISUAL JOURNAL (Dr. Michael Covello -  

Artist participants will engage in a thoughtful studio practice in the low-risk space of the sketchbook. Whatever the artist participant has on hand is acceptable as a material to make drawings with and whatever space the artist participator has available will equally suffice. This course can be successfully completed online in a virtual classroom. Artist participators in The Visual Journal will be expected to engage with their surroundings and not just create work in a studio bubble. This is a course for people interested in deepening their connection to and understanding of their surroundings.



Alumni Courses 2021 FAQ




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