Gift Acceptance Policy

Kutztown University Foundation

The Kutztown University Foundation (KUF) is responsible for raising and managing private gift funds for Kutztown University.  KUF provides specialized fund-raising support services including annual giving programs, capital campaigns and other major gift programs, donor relations and special events, planned giving, prospect research and donor and alumni information systems.

KUF's responsibilities include the management and administration of contributions received on behalf of the University and its related organizations.  KUF is responsible for: (a) the management and administration of all bequests, estates, trust arrangements and endowments in which the University or KUF is the intended beneficiary; (b) investment of all endowed funds and other funds held for long-term purposes; (c) accounting and reporting for individual gift accounts; and (d) acceptance, management and disposition of gifts of real and personal property.

KUF ensures that all gifts and earnings are used according to donor stipulations and manages donor stewardship programs.

KUF is organized as a not-for-profit corporation and is exempt from income tax under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The mission of Kutztown University Foundation is to raise funds to assist in developing and increasing educational opportunities at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania for its students, faculty, alumni and the general public.

Policy Statement

Kutztown University strongly encourages the solicitation and acceptance of private gifts and grants, which enables it to fulfill its mission of teaching, scholarship and community service.

Gifts may be sought from individuals, corporations, and foundations. However, they may be sought only for purposes, positions, and programs which have appropriate academic or administrative approval.

Gifts that may expose the University to adverse publicity, require expenditures beyond its resources, or involve the University in unexpected responsibilities because of their source, condition, or purposes or are not consistent with the mission of KU will not be accepted.

KUF is unable to accept gifts too restrictive in purpose or inconsistent with its stated academic purpose and priorities.  Gifts received by the Foundation must not inhibit it from accepting gifts from other donors. Further, no gift can be received which limits, beyond a general definition of subject area, the research that a faculty member or student can perform.

KUF cannot accept gifts which involve unlawful discrimination based upon race, sex, age, national origin, color, handicap or any other basis prohibited by federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  Nor can KUF accept gifts which obligate it to violate any other applicable law or regulation.

This policy is designed to provide guidance to the University community and the general public so as to facilitate the philanthropic process.  The University encourages philanthropic creativity; therefore, this policy is to be interpreted liberally so that prospective donors may enjoy the greatest freedom possible in formulating their gifts.

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