Kevin Beebe

Alumnus pays it forward

Kevin Beebe '81 recently returned to the KU campus, where he spoke to students in the College of Business.   Following his visit, Kevin and his wife Cortney contributed $50,000 to the KU Foundation to establish the Morris and Dorothy Kevin Beebe '85Beebe “Just in Time” Student Emergency Assistance Fund.  Beebe named the fund in honor of his parents because they were the ones he turned to for his own "emergency assistance" while he attended KU.

Beebe said, "During my years as a KU student my parents supported me financially by working hard to assure I had the opportunity to dedicate the time needed to my studies.  As my life and career have progressed I appreciate all they did for me more and more.  And the appreciation has deepened as I do all I can to support my daughter and son as they grow and focus on their goals.  Fact is, growing up the son of two incredibly loving and giving people provided a role model for my brother and me that will continue serving our families and friends for many years.  This fund is a way to nicely honor their sacrifices by continuing the spirit of giving."

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