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Rebecca, Morgan, Geoff, Carlie, Nick, Letecia, Heather, Nancy.  These are all KU students we've come to know and respect for their hard work and commitment.  They are determined to attain a college degree here at Kutztown University - and then become positive change agents in their chosen professions.  But while the KU Foundation is working hard to make an excellent education available to deserving students like these, there's still an enormous gap.

  • At KU, 88% of our students have unmet financial need
  • Approximately 50% of KU students are the first generation in their families to attend college
  • The availability of financial assistance has a huge impact on a student's decision and ability to attend college

The profiles of our scholarship recipients tell the stories of real KU students who have received scholarships that changed their lives.  See how your philanthropy can work miracles, too.

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