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How the program adds value for KU students

Maria Asteriadou, Associate Professor, Kutztown University"Becoming an All-Steinway School reflects a commitment to provide our students with the best instruments available.

They will practice and perform on pianos with a highly sophisticated response and unparalleled range of dynamics and tone color.  It is important during their musical development to form the muscle memory replicating as closely as possible the level of piano they will encounter in a concert situation.

Having these instruments will better serve our students, as well as visiting artists and guests who come to perform and work with our students.”

-Dr. Maria Asteriadou, Associate Professor, Piano and Chamber Music, Kutztown University

A commitment to excellence – with your help!

Support KU’s All-Steinway School standing, which, with our recognized status in music education, demonstrates our commitment to excellence.  Only about 170 institutions across five continents now display the prestigious All-Steinway School symbol.

Enhancing performance, attracting quality students

Steinways satisfy the high standards of our faculty, while supporting and raising the performance level of our students.  With a positive effect on national accreditations, this ranking also makes KU more attractive to students in other music concentrations and helps attract more international students.

Your gift underwrites an appreciating asset in our facilities, and the All-Steinway value underscores KU’s reputation for having a Program of Distinction in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

Assist the All-Steinway School program

Every gift helps.  To donate, click here.  To inquire about the 88 Key Club, please call 610-683-4110.

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