To All Scholarship Recipients,


Congratulations! You are the recipient of a privately-funded Kutztown University scholarship. This means that your education is being supported, in part, through the generosity of donors who have given to KU.


The Kutztown University Foundation (KUF) invites you to share your story and express your appreciation to the individuals who established the scholarship you're receiving. We appreciate your partnership as we foster a culture of gratitude here at KU and hope to share the impact of scholarship support with the donors who make these opportunities possible. To thank your donor(s), you have several options below:


1. Complete a thank you letter. To get started, please review this template as a guide. Once completed, email with your letter along with the following: 

      1. Your name (please note, KUF will only include the initial of your last name for privacy purposes)
      2. Your graduation year
      3. Your scholarship 

2. Create a scholarship recipient profile. A scholarship recipient profile is a summary of your involvement at KU and gives donors a glimpse at who is receiving their scholarship. Follow this link to submit a profile. 

3. Create a thank you video. You may find it more personalized to record a message for your donor. We utilize a platform that allows us to send a link to your email or cell phone so you may record a short, personalized message. Please reach out to if this interests you.

4. In the event that our donor(s) have interest in meeting you, KUF may reach out to you to find an available date for you and your donor to visit in person or remotely. This meeting will be facilitated and staffed by KUF. 

STAY TUNED! During the semester, you will be invited to an on-campus thank you writing workshop. You will have the chance to stop by between classes and write your thank you letter. KUF staff will be available to answer your questions and share more about our work with the alumni and donors at KU.


Again, congratulations on your scholarship, and thank you for your participation in this vital process. If you have any questions, please email




Alex Ogeka, Executive Director





As a scholarship recipient, your privacy and confidentiality are important to us. By submitting a thank you letter or video, you are subject to the Kutztown University Foundation sharing this information with your donor(s) via email or mail.

If you do not consent to this communication, please contact us at

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