To All Scholarship Recipients,


Congratulations are in order; you are the recipient of a privately funded Kutztown University scholarship. This means that your education is being supported, in part, through the generosity of donors who have given to KU.


The Kutztown University Foundation office would like to ask you to write a thank-you letter for the individuals or people who established the scholarship you're receiving. The main point of the thank-you letter is for you to express your gratitude and to let the scholarship donor(s) know how the scholarship is making a difference in your life. 


You are required to complete a thank-you letter as part of the scholarship process. Some of you may have already mailed a thank-you letter, but we need you to submit a new letter via the procedure outlined below.


To make this process as convenient for you as possible, please email with the following details:


  • Your Name
  • Your Grad Year
  • Your Scholarship


The other significant event is the Gathering of Gratitude luncheon, which will take place during the Spring Semester in the Multipurpose Room of the McFarland Student Union Building. You will have a chance to meet your scholarship donor at the luncheon, and by attending the event, you'll be eligible to receive additional scholarship funds. 


Again, congratulations on your scholarship, and thank you for your participation in this vital process. If you have any questions about your thank-you letter or the events, please email




Alex Ogeka


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