Legacy Scholarship



The Kutztown University Alumni Association Board of Directors has endowed Kutztown University with a scholarship fund to be awarded to a KU student who meets certain KU legacy, academic and financial need criteria. 


  • Student is the child or sibling of a Kutztown University graduate
  • Student has been a KU student since freshman year
  • Student is going to be a sophomore, junior or senior at KU
  • Student has a GPA of at least 3.25
  • Student demonstrates financial need/eligibility


The amount of the actual scholarship award will be a percentage of the endowment’s annual earnings and will be split between fall and spring semesters.  The KU Alumni Council believes this scholarship exemplifies their ongoing support and commitment to their alma mater. 




  • Click the link to complete the application and return it to alumni@kuf.org by NOVEMBER 15, 2021 


  • It is extremely important for the purposes of anonymity that you DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN ANY OF THE ESSAYS.


*Please click the link to download the Legacy Scholarship Application*


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