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Kutztown University now offers free courses for all alumni of the university. Different classes will be offered each semester on a variety of topics and alumni are welcome to take one or both courses.

These classes are 100% online and will appear on your transcript; however, they may not be used toward a degree program at Kutztown University. Classes are graded on a Pass/Not Pass basis. These classes do not count toward any Act 48 credits.

Successful Retirement Wealth
Accumulation and Planning
ALM 100 – 3533
Dr. Peter Roland

"Play it again, Sam!” – Music in and on film
ALM 100 – 3410
Dr. Nicole McClure

There is a retirement crisis in this country. Many people will have inadequate financial resources in their retirement stage of life. This course is beneficial to anyone who wishes to achieve a successful retirement no matter their stage in life. Through knowledge and the use of basic strategies tailored to one’s unique personal situation, the chances of a successful retirement are greatly enhanced. This course is designed to be practical in nature so that participants can act in their own personal lives to help reach their goals.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Understand the basic retirement wealth accumulation options and planning techniques.
• Identify and evaluate the assumptions used in analyzing retirement needs, including age at retirement, cash inflows and outflows in various stages of retirement, goal priority and importance, longevity, rate of investment return, market volatility, and effects of inflation.
• Gain an overview of qualified, government, non-qualified, and private tax-advantaged retirement plan options as well as Social Security retirement benefits.
• Differentiate between the various types of Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs) including traditional, rollover, Roth, SEP, and SIMPLE plans, including the tax treatment of contributions and distributions.

"Play it again, Sam!” – Music in and on film provides a survey of the symbiosis of music and cinema and the critical role that music plays in making meaning in cinema. Students will study the invention of sound in cinema, cinematic scores and soundtracks, and various ways music plays front in the center of narrative and documentary film, including musician biopics, documentaries, narrative films, musicals, and more. This is a 1-credit course for alumni via distance education.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Define film terminology for sound techniques, tools, and processes.
• Identify major developments in cinematic sound.
• Identify major types of musical placement in the film.
• Analyze the role of sound and music and representation of such, as related to social and cultural context, meaning, and significance with special attention paid to emotional and empathetic engagement.

**Interested participants should note that this will not be a set time every week; however, they should allow for time to watch the movie and complete an hour module coinciding with each film. The class will run asynchronously with weekly modules. The modules should take about an hour to complete along with a movie screening (to be viewed on their own time within the week).



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