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"Fluid, Foxy & Flexible" 

Amanda Sergeyev '17


"We want to meet the fluid, foxy and flexible girl," said the event coordinator, who was in charge of reviewing applications.


I had applied to dozens of jobs shortly after graduating in December 2017. After finally receiving an email from a company, which produced massive family events, asking me to submit a video as part of my application, I was jubilant. 


I knew I had to find a way to make my video stand out.


 As I was thinking about ideas for my video intro, I found my old Connections Kutztown University Student Orientation backpack from the previous summer. The backpack had a pin attached to it that said, "fluid, foxy and flexible." 


Cha-ching! There was my hook to the video. I also included in my video about how this phrase applied to me and my experience working in the Connections Orientation office. 


I think the phrase "fluid, foxy and flexible" not only captured the hiring manager's attention but also sold the decision-makers to invite me for an in-person meet and greet.  


The in-person meet and greet mirrored events I had attended as a Kutztown University Presidential Ambassador. 


The in-person interview was similar to the one I had when I applied to become a part of the student orientation program at KU. 


All these small but invaluable experiences at Kutztown University have impacted my life after college. My experiences at KU continue to help me with everything I do today. 







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