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A Potpourri of Our Memories Attending Kutztown State Teachers College

by David and Christine Krem '73

We did not meet until the Fall of our sophomore year (1970). Interestingly, we both remember fondly from our freshman year waking early on Sunday mornings to the sound of horse-drawn buggies as the many Amish churchgoers would pass through the campus. We pledged our respective Fraternity (Alpha Phi Omega) and Sorority (Delta Beta) and learned about living independently from our families.

We remember adjusting to dorm life (Rothermel Hall and Berks Hall). It became home quickly – our new family consisted of individuals from across the Commonwealth and many from other States.

A lesson we still share with children we know that are leaving for college is the importance of building your cumulative average right from the start and maintaining it. We often chuckle at the responses we receive at the end of our "lecture" as we responded precisely the way to that same speech at Freshman Orientation.

A lasting memory was collecting enough money to splurge on a steak sandwich, French fries and two cokes at Mark's on Main Street. The owner, Joe, was a massive supporter of Frank Rizzo (the Mayor of Philadelphia). By the way, Joe named his business after his five-year-old son.

We would be remiss if we failed to mention buying Kraft macaroni and cheese in a box for $0.32 simply because that's all we could afford. All things considered, these were fun years for us. We realize today, when looking back, our years at Kutztown were almost like living in a separate and protected environment from the rest of the world.

We hope our memories give you pause to think back to your years at Kutztown with the same sense of satisfaction we have carried for almost 50 years.

Wishing you all a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year!

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