Types of Gifts

Put your contributions to work in the way that's right for you

There are countless ways you can support Kutztown University, but there are four primary types of gifts, each with its own unique purpose.  Within these four types of gifts you can support a wide variety of scholarships, programs, departments, activities and funds.

Endowed Gifts

Gifts to the KU endowment help guarantee a strong future for the University.  The principal of an endowed gift is maintained in perpetuity and only the interest income is spent, under the provisions of the Foundation's endowment income spending policy.

To create a new endowed scholarship fund, a minimum gift of $25,000 is required; however, gifts of any size can be added to existing endowed funds.  Endowment gifts may be earmarked for specific scholarships or programs, or they may be unrestricted and support future needs of the University through the unrestricted endowment fund.

Restricted Gifts

Restricted gifts are intended to support a specific purpose, but the gift is spent in the same fiscal year it is received.  These gifts can be made for scholarships, academic departments, programs, athletics, capital building projects, events, awards and activities.  There is no minimum amount for a restricted gift.  For assistance or more information, call 610-683-4110.

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted gifts go where they are needed the most.  These contributions are crucial to sustain the quality of academic programs, support faculty and ensure adequate financial aid for all students. Unrestricted gifts enable the KU Foundation to provide scholarships, support alumni activities, and engage students, faculty and staff.  Please support the Annual Fund today!


Leave a lasting legacy by naming KU in your will or estate plans.  Planned gifts allow you to maximize your assets and make larger gifts than you may have thought possible.  Bequests can be either simple or complex and they can be used to make endowed, restricted or unrestricted gifts.  If you're considering a planned gift to KU, please contact us at 610-683-4110 or ogeka@kuf.org

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