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Kutztown University Marching Unit

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Kutztown University Marching Unit (KUMU), the largest student organization at KU.

KUMUKUMU is a marching band with a great band tradition. Membership in KUMU is open to any interested student enrolled at Kutztown University. The Marching Unit is an energetic part of the KU campus community which provides music, marching, and entertainment for all KU golden bears football games, select away games, marching band festivals/competitions, high school exhibitions, professional sporting events, parades, and additional spirit building activities. The unit was a participant in the 2015 Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The Marching Unit is currently composed of more than 160 winds, brass, battery percussion (drums), and colorguard members who bring with them a wide variety of talents and experiences.

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