1866 Minute Giving Challenge

Event Information:


Give To What You Love – support the area or areas of KU you love most! 


October 7th (7:00 A.M.) - October 8th (1:06 P.M.)


ALL members of the KU community are encouraged to participate in the challenge by making a gift of $5 or more. Participation is the FOCUS! All gifts to any area of the University are counted in this time period whether received in person, online through the challenge web page, via Phonathon or phone contacts and via mail received on those two days ONLY.






What is #1866Challenge?

Thanks for joining the 1866 Minute Giving Challenge! We're so glad to have you involved in the movement! We encourage you to use the following resources to talk about your campaign plans. You can also reach out to our team anytime with specific questions or to share any announcements and plans.


1866 Minute Giving Challenge Details:

This year's 1866 Minute Giving Challenge falls on, October 7-8, 2020

 Anyone, anywhere can get involved and give back in a way that's meaningful to them. There's no minimum or limit to how people can do good.

 Anyone can participate! From students to alumni, faculty and staff or even family and friends can get involved.

Ready to start? We've put together this toolkit to provide you with all the resources

you need to plan a successful campaign, including:

  • 1866 Minute Giving Challenge mega messages to talk about the movement with your team and audience
  • Ideas for getting involved
  • Social media tips
  • Sample campaign timeline
  • 1866 Minute Giving Challenge team contact information


Mega Messages

One of the key components of the 1866 Minute Giving Challenge is that it's co-owned by those who participate. You are a driver of this movement, and as such, we encourage you to be an ambassador and integrate these mega messages into your talking points:

Every act of generosity counts and each means even more when we give together. 1866 Minute Giving Challenge includes people of all backgrounds.

Everyone has something to give. You can give time or expertise, monetary donations large or small and even sharing the message helps!


Ideas to Get Involved:

  • Make a gift! | The best way to support KU during #1866Challenge is by making a gift yourself. This is a great opportunity to give to what YOU love! Any amount, to any area of the University, will add up and make an impact. If you made a gift yourself, it is easier to encourage others to join the cause!
  • Share a post on social media | Use the social media templates and images to spread the word about #1866Challenge. When you make a gift, tell your fellow Golden Bears and encourage them to join. Share why you give to what you love at KU, and where you are directing your gift to support what you love most.
  • Create a video post for your social media networks | Share your personal plea about why you gave with your gift for #1866Challenge. Encourage others to give to a favorite program, team or fund that is meaningful to you. Be creative. Include the 1866 Minute Giving Challenge hashtags in your post – #1866Challenge – and tag KU social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Tell your friends directly | If you are with fellow Golden Bears, personally ask them to get involved and spread the word. Use the provided tools to reach out and encourage your friends to join #1866Challenge. Imagine the impact you can make if everyone asks just three other friends to make a gift this year!


Social Media 

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1866 Minute Giving Challenge COMM Hub:

Social media is KEY to a successful giving challenge! It's one of the best ways to engage with the community and spread your message.

Remember to use the branded hashtags leading up to and during the giving challenge. Our team is always online and would love to retweet and share your campaign updates! We are happy to help spread awareness about your campaign on social media. All you need to do is tag us in your post so we can share it. You can also follow us for the latest news, tools, and graphics to use for your campaign.


Some sample messages include:

  • I'm planning to support KU for #1866Challenge. Join me! www.kuf.org/1866
  • I joined the movement and gave back to my alma mater! Celebrate #1866Challenge with me! www.kuf.org/1866
  • Today is #1866Challenge! One day for all KU Golden Bears to come together and give to what they love. www.kuf.org/1866
  • It's KU's #1866Challenge. I made my gift. Did you? Be counted and show your support for #1866Challenge at www.kuf.org/1866
  • Learn how to make a difference at KU. Check out #1866Challenge at www.kuf.org/1866 and make an impact!



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