Funding Ideas for KU Success

Annual Foundation grants give you a boost!

Did you know the Foundation has made $25,000 per year available since Fiscal Year 2012 (a total of $100,000 through FY15) for research and special projects?  Professors, students and campus organizations are encouraged to apply, to finance a variety of research through presentation possibilities, educational events and other learning opportunities.

Grants are awarded to unique and new projects.

Foundation grants assisted Wendy Ryan, Biological Sciences, to fund research like that which so engaged Caitlin, below.  Our financing has helped projects in robotics, geology, arts, education and more.  Apply by emailing us for a form and guidelines.

This KU student found direction at a field station

Caitlin Smith '15Caitlin Smith '15, pictured here, knew she wanted a scientific career—medical school, then veterinary studies were interests as she experienced the world growing up in a military family.  She chose KU for college because it was close to her parents' current home.  Then a required Marine Science class took her to a field station, where she realized, "This is what I want to do, my niche."

Since then, Caitlin has worked to afford more field trips. Her reward: practical skills that will pay off. Beside study, she related her wonder at seeing a stingray give birth. "This is awesome in the true sense of that word," she thought.

How the Foundation has far

FY 2016–$24,034 AWARDED

  1. Fulfilling the Assessment of Professionalism for Spanish and German B.S.Ed. students as part of accreditation of Modern Language Studies Education Program
    Nancy S. Zimmerman, Modern Language Studies, to engage teacher candidates in professional development related to communicative language strategies.
  2. Speaker Event: Alicia Garza #blacklivesmatter
    Office of Student Involvement, to bring a #blacklivesmatter founder to KU, speaking on civil rights for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and local activists/leaders.
  3. Dali Quartet workshop & El Sistema Lehigh Valley student visit
    Bruce Jenson, Library Services, for children to enjoy a personally relevant day of learning at the KU campus, meeting Dali Quartet members, and supportive KU personnel and students.
  4. Creating a Culture of Professional Development: Attendance at the Keystone State Reading Associate Conference
    Mary Ann O'Neil, Elementary Education, for undergraduate teacher candidates to earn accreditation in a professional reading conference, with one-year KSRA membership.
  5. PACISE 2016 Conference
    Lisa Frye, Computer Science & Information Technology, for students to socialize and participate in a team programming competition, with a track for females. Keynote speaker Harley Baldwin of Schell Games will address her rise in the industry.
  6. Awkward Doodles and Weird (German Language) Comics: An academic publishing project
    Lynn M. Kutch, Modern Language Studies, to provide an editorial and research assistant for final production of an anthology by scholars in the U.S., Canada and Europe.
  7. CCCC 2016 April 6-9, Houston, TX, half-day work
    Amanda Morris, English, for faculty chosen to present a prestigious half-day workshop and assessment of Eng 023 at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, increasing best practices knowledge and KU's reputation.
  8. Selling in Sports Seminar
    Elizabeth Rogel, Sports Management & Leadership Studies, to learn competency in effective personal selling techniques and relationship-building from a professional trainer.
  9. Student Performance, Study, and Collaboration at the University of Macedonia in Greece
    Maria Asteriadou, Music, for students to absorb cultural experiences and instruction, while collaborating and performing with UOM students and professors in foreign venues.
  10. High School Mathematics Day for Girls
    Lyn McQuaid and Yun Lu, Mathematics, to introduce girls to the many applications of mathematics and encourage them in the possible careers, along with providing an opportunity to work together to solve mathematical problems.
  11. Performing Stories: Explore the possibilities of narrative pedagogy to engage, lead and transform the classroom experience
    Nicole Romanski, Art Education & Crafts, to fund performers and presenters at the 78th Annual Art Education & Craft Conference, to bring to life the creative possibilities and utility of narrative pedagogy in teaching and learning art in the classroom.

FY 2015–$15,183 AWARDED

  1. San Jose Taiko - Rhythm Journey
    Robin Zaremski, KU Presents!, for educational outreach program with presentation and master class for high school and KU percussion students.
  2. Thoreau Performance
    Andrew J. Corsa, Philosophy, for artist 2.5-day residency and performance of Walden.
  3. Consumer Research for Minor League Sport Teams in Berks County, PA
    Yongjae Kim, Sport Management & Leadership Studies, for students to present research findings at North American Society of Sport Management conference in Canada.
  4. Effects of Sporting Events on Hosting Community (Lancaster, PA)
    Soojin Kim, Sport Management & Leadership Studies, for researching social impacts of LPGA U.S. Women's Open on the hosting community.

FY 2014–$18,467.60 AWARDED

  1. Minor Indignities and the Ballet Russe
    Cheryl Hochberg (Dept. Chair), Fine Arts, for staging of musical performance juxtaposed with Hochberg's art show.
  2. Criminal Justice Summer Institute at KU
    Glenn D. Walters, Criminal Justice, for 2-day institute at KU to aid high school student recruitment.
  3. Cultural Awareness Experience and Diversity Research Teacher Candidates
    Kristen Bazley, Elementary Education, for exploration of processes to aid teacher success in rural and remote areas of the U.S.
  4. Hand Gestures Control of Robot
    Oskar Rieksts, Computer Science & Information Technology, for design and implementation of a system to recognize positions and interpret them as drone commands.
  5. KU Commission on Human Diversity Conference, Pride
    Amy Pfeiler-Wunder, for support of conference focusing on GLBTQ issues in the 21st century.
  6. 2014 Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show
    James Malenda, Art Education & Crafts, for student participation in prestigious exhibit.
  7. Engage: Color and Materials Exhibition
    Michael Radyk, Art Education & Crafts, for on-campus exhibit by scholars, academics and artists.
  8. Engage: Color and Materials Exhibition
    Michael Radyk, Art Education & Crafts, for on-campus conference.

FY 2013–$16,050 AWARDED

  1. Seasonal Variations in Behaviors of Marine Mammals in Mystic Aquarium
    Wendy Ryan, Biological Sciences, for student comparisons of ocean mammal behaviors, creation of educational materials.
  2. Framing the Future–Arts and Crafts Conference
    Amy Pfeiler-Wunder, Art Education & Crafts, for students' professional learning opportunities.
  3. Guest Speaker–LeDerick Horne
    Amy Pfeiler-Wunder, Art Education & Crafts, for disabilities advocate speaker at diversity conference.
  4. Service Trip to Rebuild Homes in New Orleans
    Mark Regan, Jr. (student), for van, fuel, food for 20 traveling to aid in area of hurricane damage.
  5. Supplement Student Wages for Schuylkill Watershed
    Laura Sherrod, Physical Sciences, for student wages during research field work, data processing, presentation and publication.
  6. iPad Giveaway, American Cancer Society
    Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity–Funded prize for cancer fundraising drive.

FY 2012–$7,393 AWARDED

  1. Saturday Morning Cartoons Conversations and Culture–Books 4 Kids
    Nancy E. Cardenuto, Elementary Education master's program, for 10 students working with children grades 2-6 on expanding readership and critical thinking skills.
  2. Supplemental Student Wage for South African Grant
    Edward L. Simpson (Dept. Chair), Physical Sciences, for student work on dune climate history and presentation materials.

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