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The idea of creating an arts society at Kutztown University came from Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson and Ann Marie Hayes-Hawkinson, University President. In January of 2018, Dr. Hawkinson formed a group of KU staff and asked them to develop this idea into something that will:

  • Help existing KU arts offerings that are open to the public survive and thrive
  • Break down “silos” and promote collaboration between the various arts programs
  • Provide arts engagement opportunities for K-12 schools by bringing students to KU’s campus and artists to their schools
  • Expand current KU arts programs in order to serve more people from the community
  • Unite the community-at-large through the arts by fostering a supportive and inclusive community for artists and lovers of the arts
  • Create fun and unique experiences for the arts community to gather, network and share
  • Support new arts initiatives that will benefit KU faculty and students while working with members of the community
  • By the Summer of 2018, the appointed staff members forged an outline for the new KU Arts Society, and they launched their first initiative called P.L.A.Y. (Promoting the Love of Arts in Youth). Over the first year of its offerings, P.L.A.Y. served nearly 2,000 K-12 students, representing 30 different schools from throughout the region.

Also in the Fall of that year, several members of the KU faculty and key people from the greater community, were approached to serve on the new organization’s board of directors to help launch its success. Informal meetings were held to iron out some details and catch everyone up to speed, and in January of 2019, the KUAS Inaugural Board of Directors held their first official meeting. On the Inaugural Board were: Maria Asteriadou, Amy Botwright, Kate Clair, Pat Corpora, Sandy Corpora, Sandy Green, Ann Marie Hayes-Hawkinson, Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson, Nadine Hoffman, Ben Hoffman, Jackie Jones, Dr. Michelle Kiec, Suzanne Kirk, Kevin Kjos, Shelley Klassen, Kurt Nikkanen, Alex Ogeka, Amy Ridenour, Jason Romanski, Dr. Nicole Romanski, Matt Santos, Dr. Harry Serio, Mary Ann Serio, Dr. Brad Shope, Karen Stanford, Bob Watrous, and Bryan Zellmer.

In July of 2019, voting concluded and the first elected board was named, each to serve a three-year term.

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