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Kutztown University
Arts Society Members


Sandra L. '69 and Placido A. Corpora
Ann Marie Hayes-Hawkinson and Dr. Kenneth S. Hawkinson



Nanci A. '69 and Dr. Dennis C. Blankowitsch '66
Dane Burkhart
Sharon E. '87 and Robert C. Landis
Ritu Solanki and Paul Presinzano '94
Shair and David VanderGast
Susie and Robert T. Watrous



Dr. Maria Asteriadou
Sandra Green
Dr. Michelle A. Kiec
Kutztown Rotary Club
James E. Morris and Cindy A. Lewis-Morris '91



Eagle Point Management
Ladd Forsline
D. Jane '65 and James P. Joyce '66
Diane and Dr. Jospeh A. Piscitelli
Sharon Tercha



Allentown Art Museum
Nancy L. '70 and Dennis R. Boyer 70
Karen L. '69, '73 and Richard Braucher
Nancy Cunningham and Dr. Charles F. Roth Jr. '68
Denise M. and Vincent J. Daniels
Donna Dunkelberger '62
Jane C. and Robert P. Grim, Esq.
Charlene, Esq. and Scot Horst
Julia L. '87, '92 and John Hovanec
Delane Ingalls Vanada
Melissa K. Kirk
Catherin '70, '73 and Ronald D. Mordosky '70
Nicole M. Romanski
Janae Sholtz and Kyle Scroggs
Harry L. Serio
Norma Sigal
Bernice J. '98 and Ronald R. Steigerwalt '65
Shannon Sunday
Hope S. '67, '72 and Raymond A. Thorne Jr. '68, '73
Kristen L. Tuerk
Maryellen Walls '87
Nancy C. Yurkovich




Dr. Laura A. Sherrod and Jason R. Barkley '91, '93
Joanne M. Broome
Lisa E. Foster
Janna Gregonis '97
Meagan D. '14 and Benjamin E. Hoffman '15
David P. Kriz '15
Marie and Todd Moser
Lucetta T. and Michael F. Muth
Bruce L. Nicholas '75
Carrie Y. Nordlund
Bradley Shope
Chloe J. '66, '82 and William C. Urland '62, '64
Joanne M. '65, '68 and Gerald D. Wagner
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