KU Fuel

The KU FUEL Mentoring Program will help KU students obtain and expand the knowledge and skills needed for a viable business future. The KU FUEL unique and progressive mentoring program connects KU students with a select group of business executives, decision-makers, owners, entrepreneurs, senior directors and managers, and community leaders and influencers — individuals with influence within their businesses, work environments, and/or communities.

Quality mentoring greatly enhances a student's chances for success and provides professional socialization, business networking, and personal support to facilitate success during their entire undergraduate years, graduate school, and beyond.

Mentors will tailor their guidance and empowerment efforts with tailored goals and support through a structured KU FUEL environment and network that creates increased opportunities and possibilities for KU students.

For more information on the KU Fuel program,
or to submit your application, please contact:

Erin Gautier








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