What is philanthropy?

The very definition of philanthropy is, "the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes."
Philanthropy is different from charity, though there is some overlap. While charity aims to relieve the pain of a particular social problem, whereas philanthropy attempts to address the root cause of the problem.



Philanthropy at KU

  • What is the Kutztown University Annual Fund?
    • The Annual Fund provides resources for some of the University's most immediate needs, such as additional student scholarships, broad-based support for academic departments and athletics and so much more!
  • What is the Golden Bear Athletic Club?
    • It is an opportunity for fans, parents and supporters of KU athletics to stay involved with our athletic programs. Private support is necessary for KU since we are a state school and only funded a certain amount of money.
  • What is Phonathon (Call Center)?
    • Phonathon is a campaign to solicit funds or support in which KU students make phone calls to prospective donors, alumni and/or supporters.
  • What is stewardship?
    • Stewardship refers to the relationship-building and communications that take place after the gift has been received.
  • What are the three main societies of the Kutztown University Foundation?
    • The Arts Society, the Old Main Society and the Tower Society.



I already pay tuition, why should I give more?


Most Golden Bears don’t realize that your tuition and state funds cover less than 25 percent of your KU education. KU can thrive due to private support that helps bridge the actual cost of attending KU. Your own KU experience has primarily been supplemented by students, alumni, faculty, staff, friends, corporations and foundations. By supporting KU through giving back to the student philanthropy, your favorite program or department you are helping ensure your own KU experience is golden.


Does my participation matter?


Yes! Publications like U.S. News & World Report use philanthropy as a factor to rank KU and determine overall student satisfaction. Foundations and corporations also use these rankings as a factor when they evaluate grant funding and prospective gifts. Your gift as a student has great influence.


Where does my gift go?


One of the great things about giving to KU is that you have the opportunity to designate your gift to a wide variety of different funds. These funds include academic departments, student programs, scholarships and more. Student Philanthropy at KU is about YOU. We want to make sure each student can give back to the area that they care about most.


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