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Back to the Bear's Den...
Reminiscing Homecoming at KU

by Matthew Smircich '02

As the calendar changes into October, one thing every alumni looks forward to is Homecoming weekend. Though this year is different, it is always special for one of our alumni, Randy Vaszily. Randy Graduated in 2003 with a Speech Communications degree and is currently a manager of compliance for Prudential Insurance.

What do you miss most about KU?

I miss being around so many people right about my age. I miss complaining about an 8 am class. I miss being able to go to the dining hall every night, as well as the sporting events. I miss the small-town atmosphere. For example, going to one of two bars in town, knowing most people there, but always meeting new ones.

How many homecomings have you been to and what keeps you coming back?

I have been to about 11 homecomings. I now live in Minnesota, but I love flying in for one weekend. I keep coming back to reminisce about the great times I had with my best friends. I love seeing how the campus and town evolve, but yet still stays the same.

Lead us into a typical day when you come back for homecoming?

I am usually there by 9 am when I meet up with you at Letterman's for a truly epic breakfast. Then it's up to the bookstore and a walk around campus and enjoy the alumni tent with friends. Sometimes we go to the football game, but we usually head down to the Tavern for a late lunch then over to The K-town Pub, where we inevitably run into former classmates. A stop in at Shorty's is always enjoyable before ending the day with a slice at Mama's. As I say "see you later" to my friends, it both makes me sad that we aren't around each other as often as we once were, but happy as I got to spend my college years with such great people.

What would you tell current students on why homecoming is important to come back to?

With social media being such a large part of everyone's life, I think people take for granted that they can find out everything about their former classmates with a touch of a screen; however, nothing takes the place of seeing people you haven't seen in years face-to-face. Having an actual conversation with them, not over text. Everyone should be proud of graduating from no matter where they went. Going back for homecoming also lets you see how your university is growing and eventually showing your kids where you spent such an important part of your life.


While we can't host an in-person Homecoming this year, that doesn't mean we still can't celebrate!

We invite our entire Golden Bear community to save the date for Virtual Homecoming Week 2020 and register for the variety of virtual events we have to offer this year:

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