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KU: The Experience of a Student-Athlete

By, Rushi Amin '15

Beginning my college journey at Kutztown University in January 2011 was a bit of a shock. Other than knowing I wanted to represent KU through playing tennis, I had little idea what to do with my life for the next four years.
I had never been the brightest of students. Spending most of my time at practices, getting stronger in the gym, and playing matches, academics fell by the wayside. It wasn’t long before I realized that, to be eligible to play per NCAA rules, I had to do well in class, and something had to change quickly.

Eight years later, I am a consultant for one of the premier accounting and advisory firms in the world. There sure was a lot of hard work involved in going from almost failing classes to passing the CPA exam, but the emotional and financial support throughout my time at KU proved the most important. There are many people to thank in this journey – from teammates pushing me to do better on the court, in the gym, and most importantly in the classroom, to the coach being there for me every step of the way, to the friends I made in classes that pulled all-nighters with me before a big exam, to the professors who really became mentors and helped get internship and job opportunities, and finally to the KU foundation and individual donors who provided a financial lifeline for me to continue to be able to afford college.

I firmly believe that, if you’ve done well in life, it is your duty to send the elevator back down. I would certainly not be where I am today without help from a lot of people, specifically at KU. Therefore, besides being involved as an alum to attend events, I make sure to be there to provide similar advice that once helped me to the students, as well as make a financial pledge each year. Ultimately, when I think of everything that KU is and can be, it is my hope that all alumni would one day do the same to help current and future students prosper.

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