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The Season of Giving

by Dan Price '04

December is usually a time to reflect on the past year, celebrate with loved ones and look forward to the upcoming year filled with goals, plans and excitement. It is time to give thanks and be grateful.

In December of 2020, you might find that to be challenging.

This year has challenged every single one of us. It’s made us take stock of what is most important, tested our will and beliefs, and has made us change our behavior in almost every aspect of our lives.

You might be questioning how to give any more than you already have. How is it possible to remain optimistic after the past nine months and with a cold winter ahead filled with so much uncertainty and challenges?

The reality is. It’s very possible. More importantly. It is essential. Now more than ever.

Despite everything, we’ve experienced. Take a few moments and sit quietly and think of the positives in your life. Be thankful that you’re able to sit and read this blog. Be thankful that you have loved ones who care about you. Being grateful for even the simplest of pleasures is a manageable place to start.

I think back to April when the Kutztown Foundation launched the “Bears Band Together” campaign to assist students during the beginning of this chaotic period of life. I saw beautiful support from our community to help all of our students. The majority of students had the privilege to go home and quarantine, but not all have that option. I was grateful to have the opportunity to support some of those students, even with my future, like everyone else’s, filled with professional uncertainty.

In this season of giving, we can only expect so much. Yet that spirit of giving lives within all of us. Whether it is giving someone you care about a gift, giving food to those in need, or giving to a Kutztown student to support their needs in this time, any help can go a long way. We should be thankful that we have the opportunity to do so.

Stay Golden.

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